Workshop: What does this pandemic make possible? [WIP]

While attending the SoCraTes UK 2020 Digital Autumn unconference, I suggested this topic. This is the summary of that session.

Duration: 60 minutes

Session outline

Brief meditation

Close your eyes.
Stand up.
Feel your feet.
Notice your breathing. No need to change it.

Open your eyes.
Raise your arms. Keep them raised.

Stand on left foot.
Stand on right foot.

Jump three times.

Sit down.

Guided questions

Ask participants to take pen and paper, or keyboard if preferred. Ask each of the following questions, allow three to five-ish minutes between questions. Participants write down the answers, no sharing yet.

1. What difference does all this make?

2. And what have you learned?

3. And what difference does that make?

4. And what do you know now?

Group sharing

Invite participants to answer this question with the group. Nobody has to share this.

5. What does this pandemic make possible?


Participants share insights from the previous questions.

Closing questions

10 minutes before the end of the session, ask the following closing question:

What specific action will you take by the end of the next [work day] to improve the positive in this pandemic?

Choose an action that you can and will do.


Most of the questions are based on Clean Language.

Retrospective questions

1. What have you learned?

2. How would you improve this session?